2020 Full Project

End-to-End Digital Management

Tech Industry

Hotstpot Mob

    #Website_Development #Social_Media_Marketing #Consulting #Meta_Ads #Google_Ads

3-Year Partner

Marketing Campaigns
1200 +
Project Development

Key Achievements & Milestones

  • Wix E-commerce Launch & Social Media Kickoff

    Created a dynamic Wix ecommerce website to establish an online presence

  • 2020

    Project Start

  • WordPress Upgrade & Integrated Tools

    Upgraded the website to a WordPress platform for enhanced functionality and flexibility. Integrated a suite of powerful tools to streamline operations and improve user experience. Launched targeted paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google for increased visibility.

  • 2021

  • Major Website Update & UI Enhancement

    Implemented a significant website update, focusing on a visually appealing and user-friendly UI. Enhanced website functionality for smoother navigation and improved customer experience.

  • 2022

  • Instagram Growth Through Organic Marketing

    Achieved a fourfold increase in social media followers through organic marketing strategies. Substantial growth in sales attributed to a strategic combination of organic and paid marketing efforts. Continued to adapt and refine strategies to stay current with industry trends and user preferences.

  • 2023

  • Expanded Reach with Google Ads & Increased Online Sales

    Launched targeted Google Ads campaigns to expand the brand's reach and attract a wider audience. Leveraged Google marketing tools to optimize online product listings and improve visibility. Significantly increased online sales through strategic implementation of Google advertising and marketing strategies.

  • 2023

Established a strong online presence, transitioning from Wix to WordPress for increased functionality. Successfully utilized paid advertising on major platforms to drive targeted traffic and boost sales. Demonstrated consistent growth in both social media following and e-commerce revenue. Ongoing commitment to website improvement, ensuring a contemporary and user-centric online presence.

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